1. On the way home from 울산 we stopped by 포항 Pohang, which is the tiger’s tail of Korea.  {If you view the entire peninsula as the shape of a tiger, then Pohang would be the tail.  Please see this image and this image}.  I was really interested in heading south to see the cherry blossoms and take in a bit of warm weather, but due to a strong rain that apparently swept across the south of the country, no blossoms were in sight and the weather was pretty chilly, so we changed plans and made a little trip to Pohang instead.  Most of the photos are from the area around Pohang’s Sunrise Square 환호 해맞이 광장, which, as you can see, boasts some lovely views of the ocean.  You might also notice the two photos of the hand sculptures.  They face each other, one in the sea, the other on land, palm to palm, in what seems to be a gesture of openness, peace, and harmony.  

    Pohang is a quiet city, probably we came in the off season; we drove along the coast, and it was almost deserted…it was calm and beautiful, a perfect escape.  This was my first time to see the East Sea, and I hope I can return again soon.  Although I really enjoy visiting big cities like Seoul and Ulsan, I have loved every one of my trips to more scenic spots across the country.    Is it any coincidence that my best memories of Korea have involved trips to the sea?