1. A lovely wedding gift from a lovely friend


  2. We bought couple PJs last winter! We look like Totoro now.


  3. Meet 오빠’s alter-ego, Grandpa Han.  He has a problem with modern cinema.

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  4. 오빠 bought me new shoes!  Full post on the blog ^^ 



  5. I’ve been thinking about the emotion of love versus the decision to love….read the post on the blog.


  6. I got back to America in August, and ever since then, I’ve thought about starting a new blog.  After some time, I’ve gotten the guts to put it up. Visit my new blog here: 오빠 and Me

    As you may have guessed, this blog is about my relationship with my Korean boyfriend.  Here, I will share cartoons, photos, and interesting things that we come across in our new life together in America.  Happy Reading! ^^


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  8. 1000drawings:

    by Jane mai



  9. More photos from my final day!  I was so happy to have just a handful of students who were actually really upset to see me leave, considering what I’ve done for the past year is scream at and berate them.  I got a few love notes from the elementary kids and cards from my babies.  My co-teachers even gave me a small gift as well!  It was so sweet.  A very, very good day.  And now I can enjoy my vacation in peace!  



  10. I had my last day of work on Friday.  A bittersweet day (much, much more sweet than bitter ^^) as I said goodbye to my babies and a few of my favorite elementary kids.  The Korean teachers bought me a cake and we had a small farewell party. It was so sweet! My kids were all really affectionate…I think only a few of them really understood that I was leaving, but regardless, they were all especially more clingy than usual.  Here are a few photos from the day…more will come later!  It was a really strange day, actually..although I’ve been anticipating the end of my contract, I never imagined it would actually happen.  I’m so glad to close this chapter of my life  and begin something new ^^