1. We bought couple PJs last winter! We look like Totoro now.


  2. Meet 오빠’s alter-ego, Grandpa Han.  He has a problem with modern cinema.

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  3. 오빠 bought me new shoes!  Full post on the blog ^^ 



  4. I’ve been thinking about the emotion of love versus the decision to love….read the post on the blog.


  5. I got back to America in August, and ever since then, I’ve thought about starting a new blog.  After some time, I’ve gotten the guts to put it up. Visit my new blog here: 오빠 and Me

    As you may have guessed, this blog is about my relationship with my Korean boyfriend.  Here, I will share cartoons, photos, and interesting things that we come across in our new life together in America.  Happy Reading! ^^


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  7. 1000drawings:

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  8. More photos from my final day!  I was so happy to have just a handful of students who were actually really upset to see me leave, considering what I’ve done for the past year is scream at and berate them.  I got a few love notes from the elementary kids and cards from my babies.  My co-teachers even gave me a small gift as well!  It was so sweet.  A very, very good day.  And now I can enjoy my vacation in peace!  



  9. I had my last day of work on Friday.  A bittersweet day (much, much more sweet than bitter ^^) as I said goodbye to my babies and a few of my favorite elementary kids.  The Korean teachers bought me a cake and we had a small farewell party. It was so sweet! My kids were all really affectionate…I think only a few of them really understood that I was leaving, but regardless, they were all especially more clingy than usual.  Here are a few photos from the day…more will come later!  It was a really strange day, actually..although I’ve been anticipating the end of my contract, I never imagined it would actually happen.  I’m so glad to close this chapter of my life  and begin something new ^^ 



  10. I met Y on Saturday for our final meeting before I return home.  While we were having lunch, she mentioned that she hoped I would stop hating Korea and return in the future.  I felt a little shocked that she thought I hated Korea, and hurried to clarify that the thing I do not care for here is my job.  This made me suspect that I’d left traces of this negativity all over this site, and I want to once again reiterate that I have enjoyed being in Korea very much, but the experience was soured slightly by negative emotions surrounding my work.

    I got pretty exhausted after the new year, and remember feeling heavy and powerless, and somewhat desperate to be finished with teaching.  The time has passed pretty slowly since then, but now that I see the light at the end of the tunnel and Em’s arrival date is inching closer, I am finding my mood quite improved.  Today I had one of the happiest Mondays ever.  Is that even possible?  Probably it’s because I remembered that I’ll be leaving in about 3 weeks, and my job will be finished in 8 working days.  8 more days!  I am looking forward to finally being able to have a real rest, travel a little bit, and experience new aspects of this amazing country along with my precious little sister.  And, just so you know, I definitely plan to return to Korea, but when I do come back, it will be as a tourist for sure.